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Limited offer
(25% discount)

All good things come in pairs:

Bring along a friend and receive 8% discount on your first subscription package


The CARVE Pilates experience is unique. Find out why?

Private 1-on-1

Three sessions of Private 1-on-1 (1 pax with 1 instructor)  @$360 (U.P. $480)



Three sessions of Duet (2 pax with 1 instructor)

@$450 (U.P. $600)


Combo (Private or Duet + Group)*
You may purchase up to two sets of each combo

  • Combo 1 (for 1 pax):

One  Private session  + One Group class

@$165 (U.P. $220)


  • Combo 2 (for 2 pax):

One Duet session  + Two Group classes 

@$240 (U.P. $320)

For 55-min private / duet session, include:

  • Use of brand new Merrithew® equipment: Cadillac Trapeze Table, Reformer, Chair, Spine Corrector, Jumpboard

  • Use of Naboso® neurosensory products for improved mindbody connection

  • Postural analysis of your body

  • Customised exercise programme tailored towards your specific goals


Suitable for:

  • All fitness levels

  • Rehab, pre- or post-surgery patient

  • Pre- and post-natal mom

  • Duet is perfect for dating and married couples, parent-child bonding, BFFs and someone you absolutely love trying new things together.

For 55-min group class, include:

  • Use of brand new Merrithew® equipment: Reformer-Tower-Jumpboard combination

  • Maximum capacity: 4 pax 


Suitable for:

  • All fitness levels

  • Great for weekly workouts from stretching, toning, strengthening to weight control

* Why do a Combo when the intention is to join a group class?

We encourage all new clients to our studio to have at least 1-2 private sessions before joining the existing group classes. This is to ensure you are able to follow the Beginner group class on Reformer and Tower with the rest of the participants in a safe and comfortable environment. Stabiliser muscles are often neglected since the moving muscles are fired much more easily. In our studio, the emphasis on core engagement enables you to stack your muscle engagement so you are exercising at the best efficiency and waking up those muscles you may not have engaged before.

What's more in May & June:

As a new client, you will receive an 8% discount for your first purchase of a subscription package with us when you bring a friend to enjoy this limited offer or buy an extra set as a gift to your loved ones.


Applicable for your friends who are first-timers to the studio, and not on the same duet package with you (in the case of a duet).

How to purchase?

The limited offer is only applicable to first-timer to the studio.

All sessions are valid for one month from the date of purchase. Bookings can be made once digital payment to UEN 202326850N is received.


Please send your payment screenshot to WhatsApp +65 9653 3497 or email


We look forward to having you at our boutique Pilates studio.

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How to purchase
Bring a friend

Any benefits private Pilates sessions can do for your body?


Avoid compensatory responses

So often, I see group class participants compensating with their shoulders and necks or moving without a stable spine. If you are an existing group class participant but haven't experienced private solo/duet session, this is a great time to invest in yourself to improve your posture and deepen your understanding of your weak and tight muscles and how best to move efficiently during a group class setting.


Prevent injury when weight loaded in movement

Doing a couple of private sessions or more can go a long way in improving your overall exercise regime. Knowing why your hip or knee clicks when you move in an exercise like a lunge is so crucial to preventing injuries when you add weight loading.


Start the anti-ageing regime

Pilates is not about the exercise gear, the wall or the long exhale vs short inhale (that's when I hear loads of long "sssss" exhales in commercial classes and contrastingly short inhales). It is about giving your body the opportunity to awaken the deep muscles so you can move and propel in movement more efficiently. This can totally translate into daily living over time. Let's say you are reaching for something in the upper cabinet, the ability to engage your shoulder stabilisers and pelvis when lifting your arm overhead is crucial to avoid hurting yourself as we grow with time.


Read more about my thoughts on anti-ageing here.

Benefits of Private Pilates
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