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21 Dec 23 (Thu)
6:15pm - 9.30pm
@EON Shenton, Level 22

An evening of #GivingBack together



60 minutes, in support of Home Nursing Foundation


90 minutes, in support of Refugee Communities 

It's Christmas! Let's do some carolling at the same time!

We are created to be social, created to be in community, created to live life together.

Given an opportunity to live life to the fullest, let's take a moment to share life with the underprivileged and vulnerable communities among us.

Donate S$50 to join 60-min Matwork Pilates by the sea(view)

100% donations go to Home Nursing Foundation
*eligible donations will enjoy 250% tax deduction

PILATES GIVES_Dec23_EON Shenton.jpg

PILATES GIVES is a fundraiser to drive 100% donations through Pilates workout, in support of Home Nursing Foundation (HNF). With the pandemic, the demand for HNF home healthcare services has grown substantially. Your unwavering support has empowered the foundation to meet this surge and care for the patients in their safest environment - at home.


To-date, we have raised over S$20,000 since 2020 when PILATES GIVES was first started during the lockdown to support the nurses and the elderly among us.

Pay S$29.90 to join the 90-min workshop led by refugee worker in Greece via video conference (all ingredients provided).

You can give people from vulnerable communities (e.g. refugees and human trafficked survivors, the urban poor, etc.) the opportunity to conduct skills workshops, giving them not only some livelihood but dignity that they can contribute to those who have more materially.

Let's re-script their life stories by giving them a global community like us eager to buy their products and learn the skills they are resiliently able to teach.

For this workshop, the instructor will be paid 80% of the total workshop fees collected.

Pay via the "Buy Now" link below or via digital transfer to UEN 202222340Z and register to join the workshop.

Hi-Story_Workshop_Soothe Balm_edited_edi

In this hands-on experience, we'll explore the fascinating world
of chemistry through the creation of soothe balms. Join us as we delve into the art of crafting natural remedies and discover how chemistry
can be harnessed for practical, everyday solutions.


Refugee Worker in Greece
Liliana, a chemist by training, is a Romanian refugee worker who serves Persian-speaking refugees in Athens, Greece. Hear how she was inspired to give her years to these forcibly displaced peoples, persevering through trials in the ups and downs of loving and serving refugees through teaching them skills that give them livelihood
and hope. Using her knowledge of chemistry, she creates natural homemade products and passes these skills on to the refugees she serves.


About Hi-Story expresses the passion of a family to create an eco-system of greater equality between the marginalised (such as refugees, internally displaced peoples, human trafficked survivors, etc) and those who live in more privileged societies. 

Besides promoting hand-crafted products made by the marginalised, we give them the opportunity to conduct skills workshops to the more privileged, giving them not only some livelihood but dignity that they can contribute to those who have more materially. 

Creating Soothe Balm
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